The lake is FULL!

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As a result of heavy rain for two straight days on April 21st and 22nd, the lake went up several feet, to just below the 1028 mark. (feet above sea level).   What does that mean?  Well, being that Norris Lake levels are controlled by the dam, the water levels go way down in the fall and winter, making way for the spring rains, which brings the lake level back up to the traditional 1020 mark . The lake level typically drops to below 1000 feet, so we are talking 30 plus feet it went up! Last year, the level never reached full summer pool, and for those of you who frequent the lake, you were very much aware of that.  There was a heavy rain in the later part of the winter last year which brought the lake level way up, so TVA dumped a lot of water to make way for the eventual spring rains, which never came.  There was a drought last summer.  Coupled with day after day of 90 degree plus weather, it was a recipe for low lake levels and devastating fires in the Gatlinburg area.  This year, however, it is a different story.  There has been plenty of rainfall, so I think this summer season we will enjoy a full pool!  That is good news for all you lake lovers out there.

It was a new experience, having the lake level at 1028. I have been coming to Norris lake for over 10 years and have never seen it this high.  With the three rental cabins and the one I and my husband, Gary, reside in, we have four docks that we steward.  2 of the docks ran out of cable and the high lake levels brought the docks into the trees.  It was quite interesting.  But, all is well, and the waters are slowly receding.

Please enjoy the images below that were taken by my son, Jason, in the early mornings while adjusting the docks.

Looking towards Indian River Marina from the dock at “Onawim” cabin.

The lakeside deck at “Onawim” cabin. The water was almost to the top of it!

This is the dock at “Seas the Day” cabin. You can tell the lake levels are high by the trees that are sticking out of the water. One good thing, not as many steps to get to the lake!

View of the dock at “Suite Spot”.

Mile marker 8 almost submerged.

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