No complaints here about the rain!

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Many parts of the southeastern United States have been in a drought, including East Tennessee.  As you can see from the photo below, there is still water in Norris Lake, but it is way down.  The water level was almost 25 feet below normal summer pool, but has come up a wee bit this past week due to the rain.  As it is normal for the lake levels to fluctuate, the level never reached full summer pool this year, which is 1020 feet above sea level.  And, the level of the lake stayed low for the majority of the summer season due to hot temps and little rainfall.  As a result,the fire danger has been extremely high.  There have been numerous fires throughout the region this past month. The devastating fires that recently ripped through Gatlinburg have been headlining the national news this week.  Tragic, tragic stories.  THANKFULLY, rains have been helping to subdue the raging inferno and the winds have died down.  I am thinking the loss of life and property would have been much worse if it hadn’t been for the rains that came.  Please be mindful of those families who are dealing with the sudden loss of their loved ones. Surround them with your thoughts and prayers, and NEVER EVER complain about the rain!


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