Ssssshhh…In Pursuit of Silence

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I recently came across an article in the Guardian about silence and how the “cult of quiet can change your life”.  The following is a portion of this article:

Once the preserve of monastic retreats and hardcore meditators, simply being quiet is growing in appeal. Whole businesses have sprung up to meet a rising demand for quiet time, from silent weekend getaways to silent dining, silent reading parties and even silent dating. This month sees the release of documentary, ” In Pursuit of Silence,” a “meditative film” about our relationship with noise, promoted with a delicate two-minute trailer in which not a word is uttered.

Silence can, as the film attests, mean different things to different people. It can be a space for quiet reflection or a state fraught with discomfort. There is a certain intimacy inherent in being silent with other people – we usually do so only with those closest to us.”

In ancient writings, Psalm 23 speaks of lying beside green pastures, being led beside quiet waters, restoring our soul.

How does that sound?

Sounds SOOOOO good, doesn’t it?  In today’s world, we have access to news 24/7, much of which focuses our attention on things of a negative nature.  Social media, email, text message, cell phones, etc…all vying for our attention, much of which can be very distracting and disrupting.  The emergence of this new “cult of silence”, I believe, is in response to this non-stop assault on our senses.

The answer?  I think each one of us must make it a priority to “unplug” and define what that means for us.  For me, my cabins are an invitation for you to come, lay aside your responsibilities for a few days at least, this constant barrage of modern day “noise”, and UNPLUG!  Off-season at the lake offers an amazing opportunity to do just that.  I invite you to come and take advantage of it!



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